Second Sight Signals is an alert service for buy/sell signals across multiple markets, with a focus on publicly traded stocks based on our Macro Markets Intelligence & Analysis.  Second Sight is a service for active traders only.  We focus on special situations such as appraisal arbitrage, fraud investigations, breaking news, special situations, geopolitical changes, catalyst analysis, and mergers & acquisitions. Our analysis is deep macro analysis even if the asset is a domestic equity. Proprietary metrics and analysis, with confidential sources.  We have been doing this since 2015 but offering it out as a service since around 2018.

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We offer 4 types of Signals

HOT SIGNALS– Based on our proprietary AI model in beta, this signal has never been wrong.  The downside is that they don’t come very often, we’ve had only 5 in the last 5 years.  We’re optimizing the algorithm to get even better results.

FRAUD ALERTS– These are short sell signals when Fraud is uncovered.  It doesn’t always go down immediately, as any Fraudster isn’t going to admit guilt.  However, when you have information on your side, it’s very often only a question of time.  This service focuses on short ideas and research that supports these ideas.

DEEP MACRO ANALYSIS– Based on Global Macro Analysis, these are more fundamental in nature.  They are more frequent, but do not produce the best returns because often the underlying asset is so large that there’s only so much growth that can happen.  But there’s also less downside, so any losers here will have fairly limited losses.

MARKET SIGNAL– Arbitrage, such as Merger Arbitrage, Special Situations, and other factors that can make a trade play out.

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Our Basic Alerts service is TOTALLY FREE!  We know how difficult it is to trust a signals provider, so we encourage you to sign up for our permanent free trial.  There’s no catch, you get all the Alerts totally free!  You may be asking what you get with our Second Sight and Market Maker packages.

Second Sight – Detailed research reports, in depth market analysis on trends, companies, sectors, and markets.

Market Maker is a custom service where we tailor the strategy for your needs if you are a Hedge Fund or Professional Investor managing a lot of money.

Examples of past Alerts

Just after publishing our short report on Zero Hedge, within 24 hours the stock had dropped 10%.  EBIX is being investigated by many so it’s clearly not our article that affected the market, but we were able to beat the market by releasing the article including a complaint against the company for breach of contract, which was the likely cause of the drop.  Our Second Sight intelligence service is designed to stay ahead of the information curve, whatever market you trade.

LabCorp Paternity Testing Fraud Exposed

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FX Fraud case

Breaking news surrounding the FX Fraud/WM Reuters Market Manipulation case(s) provided ample opportunities.

Fraud investigations, accounting anomalies

It’s amazing what an executive can get away with if they want to. We look for financial anomalies, signs of misconduct, and other red flags that signal a deeper investigation is warranted. The evidence is out there, it’s our job to find it and boil it down into actionable intelligence.

Actionable Intelligence. Get our next great idea.
This service is for active traders only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you execute the Alerts?

We are broker agnostic.

In what form do the Alerts come?

We send buy/sell signals via SMS and follow up with a more detailed email that may include info such as trade duration and other information about the signal.

How much capital do I need to trade for the Alerts?

There’s really no minimum, however, the amount of money you make on each trade is going to be dependent on how much capital you deploy.

Is this for beginners?

No, this is not a trading course.  If you are unfamiliar with trading, you should find a trading course on Udemy.

Is this only for US Citizens?

Anyone can trade these Alerts.

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Second Sight is an information service.  It is for educational purposes only.  Users of the service make their own informed decisions based on information presented.  No investment advice is given.  Investors should invest money they can afford to lose.  Investing is risky you can lose all your money or worse.  This is for professional, experienced investors only.